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Just need to rant and rave a little

For you who live in the land of not so much rain you might not feel for me ,,but here goes any way ..LOL

It's been raining here just about non stop for over a week now ,,and we had a long spell of no rain ,,I just put the new roof on 3 years ago ,,why should I have to check it ?? So the rain found a split in one of plastic roof vents and then water run down the underside of the sheathing and drip drip drip from the utility ceiling..and onto the floor..this was at night so all I could do is put a bucket under the drip.. Next day I got up there in the rain and put plastic over the area until two days ago I and was able to put bear crap ((tar) on it and fix the problem.. I also did the same to all the other sky lights ,vents , jacks ..

Think its fixed so took all the repair stuff down and what happend next is my 7 year old heat pump compressor burns up.. I still have the electric heat part working ,,but to fix this its about $4000 .. so you see ,,I think I have a ligit reason to rant and rave .. dont I ? only 7 years old ,,

I walked by the Artic Cat and petted it on the hood and said ,,thanks for staying healthy for me and it sort of grinned ,,I think .. or maybe it was me that grinned .. anyway thats whats been happening around here.. and I will also tell ya that with the new handle I have to post another 14 or 15 times before I can post pictures and such so another reason I'm telling all on here to you ..LOL
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