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Contest for Ride of the month April 2011

Lets see it!!! Who's got the nicest Arctic Cat! please post pictures and any description you would like to post. Action shots! Trailer Queen Shots! You can even use props if you want. Like a hot chick sitting on the hood! lol

Nothing but bragging right here at this time.
This is also a great time to check out what other members have done to their ride! So if you have some custom stuff, let us know about it! HairDryers etc... I know we have some sleepers here, So i am counting on your friends telling us what you got!!!!!! lol j/k kinda

At the end of the month I will make a pole with guys that entered and we can vote. So lets see them guys.
I can only have 10 entrys each month because that is the largest poll count they will allow me to have so if you have already put in your pic and we have more than 10 you may have to wait until next month. Thanks guys

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