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I am a service tech for A-Cat and participate in several forums. I stumbled on to this forum as we are selling alot of side by sides these days. Because I have experience with forums I did expect a certain level of professionalism. I didnt participate in many of the discussions but did read a large number of them. Im not looking for anything to change or trying to single anyone out but if I were a Moderator I would want to know. It seemed that some underage kids were posting regularly without regard as to what they were posting. I got put out and didnt return until today. I will likely check in from time to time for tech info but at this point I have abandoned the forum. I am sure others have taken the same approach but dont take the time to explain why they left or fail to participate. As a business professional I would like to point prospective buyers or current owners to a worthy site where they can get the help they need or want. Dont get me wrong there were some people who obviously knew what they were talking about and have alot of experience with the A-Cat line. Keep up the good work and good luck.

Respectefully submitted from Missouri.
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