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RzR4 MCX Turbo Story

This post came from a member of Riding Arizona - One Trail At A Time and I thought that you all would be interested in reading it.

My Mcx Turbo Experience, My story...
First let me say that I’m not into bashing companies or vendors as I understand $hit happens. Nothing is infallible, however in those instances how a company chooses to resolve the issue speaks volumes about who they are. I’ve been in business for myself and have had issues similar to these pop up where I’ve had to eat the cost of mistakes for whatever reason they happened. This is about doing the right thing.

I know I’m playing with fire (no pun intended) by even speaking out against this company and have had 3 weeks to think it over, allow them time to do the right thing by me and am stuck with a non-functioning SxS, and a hefty repair bill. I'm sure I'm at risk of being banned, ganged up on, etc, etc. At this point I'm out so much money that I don't even care....people need to be aware. If circumstances change, I will gladly remove this post and move on with my life.

With that said, I will be the first to acknowledge there is nothing that 100% says what happened was caused by one thing or another, but the timing, excuses, designs and coincidence are just unbelievable.

I’m hoping this post does nothing more than educate those considering spending money on any product or service with a big price tag, it is not meant as a flame fest, or anything of that nature. It is strictly an account of what my experience was when I parted ways with my 2011 RZR4 with 10 hours/ 200+ miles on the clock and 5200 dollars for what was supposed to be a reliable upgrade from a company “touted” for their product and awesome customer service. (Note: Claims of their customer service is much of the reason I chose said product and vendor, but now questioned the validity of any of it.)

As agreed I was to drop off my RZR in Glamis on Sunday October 24th, to have it hauled to Lake Havasu and have a MCX Stage 1 turbo kit installed. As the initial deal was communicated, the work was to be completed by Wednesday and the RZR was to be delivered back to Glamis for a shake down and to be put back into my toy hauler on Halloween as it was the only day I had available.

As Sunday evening came I got a few picture messages (which of course I saved) showing work being done to my RZR in preparation for the installation of the turbo kit. To date (aside from a little nausea over parting with 5000 dollars and a brand new machine) things were on par with what I had expected and moving forward.

On Monday I had placed a call to MCX asking if possible and time allowed could the RZR be dropped off at AZ West Polaris for an oil change while installations on a few other RZR’s they were doing were being completed. A loose “we can do that if there’s time” was given to me, and I was clear in saying that while it would be a huge help [which I would pay a little something extra on the side of their trouble], that it was not imperative and if it was not logistically possibly I’d take care of that after the fact.

Shortly after, I get a phone call saying it cannot happen, time is short and their departure date and time will not allow for the oil change to happen. While bummed, I accepted this answer and was anxious to get my turbo RZR back. My initial plan (as conveyed to the MCX from the very beginning) was to drive back out to Glamis Sunday (Halloween) to pick up my RZR, test drive, load in my hauler and return to Phoenix. Fully expecting this to be my course of action, I get another phone call stating the “new plan” is to drop my RZR off for the oil change however it will NOT be transported back to Glamis and I will have to find a way “home” for it?

I stated this was not possible and as mentioned before [because Sunday would be the first day I could get out there and AZ West is closed] I would take care of the oil change at a later date. It was more important to have the RZR hauled back to Glamis for testing and safe storage. I was then informed that if my RZR was to be hauled back to Glamis (as was the original deal) several extra hours will be incurred by the MCX as they would have to back track to pick up other trailers, etc prior to making their final trek home.

For $5000 dollars I didn’t think it was that much to ask, however being that I was excited about the new mods, and having compassion for the long trek of the guys at MCX back to Colorado, I made arrangements to take time off of work and pick up the RZR on my own.

After 5 hours of driving (PHX to Lake Havasu to Glamis), and 300+ miles I finally arrived at Glamis and was ready to test out the turbo. Driving mildly down Sand Highway, testing different throttle positions and making my way to Oldsmobile Hill I couldn’t wait to see how the RZR would perform. The first 3 passes up the hill were great, good power and what I was hoping to gain for the RZR.

I played in a few of the big dunes for a bit, however it was 630pm on a Wednesday, I was alone and didn’t want to push my luck. I was ready to drive back to my hauler and load up the RZR when I decided to do one more pass up the hill…almost as if fate intervened. About ¾’s of the way up the hill I heard a “poof” and noticed all power was gone, the gas gauge went from ¾ to ¼ and an orange light was coming up from behind my RZR….FLAMES! Much to my astonishment I stopped, unbuckled, looked on in awe as I realized my machine was really on fire and started feverishly throwing sand on the flames as I was without any type of fire retardant and completely caught off guard.

After about 10 minutes of throwing sand on the fire it was out, however the damage was done….I was sitting on top of Olds alone in the dark trying to figure out what I was going to do. Thankfully I had my cell phone and made a call to the guys at MCX who took my call and tried to find a way to assist.

A few guys were out there for a guy’s weekend and happened upon me, offering assistance, light, muscle and whatever else they had. They assisted me turning the RZR around and pushing me down hill to an easier place of retrieval.

After about 30 minutes MCX showed up and took a quick look at the damage, saying “we’re sorry that happened” and pulled me back to their camp. It was getting late, comments were made about their dinners getting cold and the owner of the company (Trey) was gone as quickly as I had caught fire. The other MCX employee (Ian) hung out discussing a course of action and told me the damage would be surveyed tomorrow.

Getting a feeling as if I were putting them out and not getting the customer service in a situation where I think it should have been stepped up, I noted I was scheduled to leave promptly for my 3 hour drive back to PHX for work. I noted I couldn’t return until possibly Sunday…I had little choice and had to leave my RZR there expecting the damage was going to be fixed by MCX.

On Thursday I was told the end cap of the fuel rail melted by one of two causes, a bad o-ring on the end cap, or the people doing the oil change didn’t put the end cap back on tightly? I was a little shocked at that response and questioned the header pipe glowing orange no more than a half inch from the fuel rail end cap with no heat wrap, etc.

In the next days, very little information was provided to me and I had to constantly make phone calls to get status updates on the damage and what was being done. I was told the end cap on the fuel rail had melted and caused the flash fire which in turn melted some wiring harnesses and fouled 1 injector. This again was blamed on the technician that performed the oil change after the turbo was installed (or possibly a bad o-ring….the timing was impeccable if that was true)???

I was told the fuel rail is a part that is not touched during the turbo installation (After a little research I found out this was not true and this is photo documented online). As noted previously they went on to say the fire melted “some” wires and only ruined 1 injector….(later I find out both injectors are bad yet only 1 was replaced). As of the Tuesday after Halloween a new end cap for the fuel rail was ordered and replaced with tin foil over it as a make shift heat shield/retainer? The RZR was now waiting for the injector to be replaced. Being 200 miles away I could only take their word for it and hoped I’d be ready to go by the following weekend for our next outting.

After making a few calls and being informed I didn’t receive updates because they didn’t do anything to the RZR, it was sitting out open to the elements and obviously was still not in working order. I asked when it would be ready to go and was told it was not going to be quickly because they were not going to spend money over-nighting parts just because I wanted my machine back for that weekend. They had a 13 hour drive back home and were leaving the RZR at Glamis. Really…after dropping 5000 dollars and taking time off work to ensure they didn’t have to back track on their way home…that’s the best they can do? Little did I know it was only going to go down hill from there…

A Teryx owner with a friend who has a Turbo Prowler just so he can be faster than me
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Part 2

So here we are 2 weeks after the melt down, and I have a scheduled trip to the dunes, which is now a recovery mission as my RZR is still not fixed, and looks abandoned and crappy as it was left outside in the elements, dusty and covered in bird crap. Meanwhile the MCX guys had already left for their trip back home.

Now I will say there was an offer to have someone I do not know load it into my hauler and remove it when “the parts” were delivered. However, how many of you would not only surrender your brand new machine, the keys to it, as well as the keys to your toy hauler to someone you do not know? I simply did not feel comfortable with that. And as a former business owner I would not feel comfortable storing a paying customer’s machine outside exposed to the elements and possible theft.

In the end, I showed up, loaded it on the trailer being told again from the person watching over it, the cause for the fire was the oil change, and the end cap not being put firmly back onto the fuel rail? [I asked myself again how that is even possible?] I simply load my RZR on the trailer and leave.

Start week 3…

I call Trey to get an update as to his plan and tell him I’m going to pull it home to a shop as I am not comfortable with my brand new 17,000 dollar machine sitting outside being ruined. He informs me after I tell him my plan that he was planning to “fly” down there to replace a few wires before my next trip. (Coincidence…I think not)

Obviously the extent of the damage could not be told by a quick review in the sand if all that he thought was damaged was a few wires, and it was only cosmetic damage, he was grossly mistaken. The single injector was replaced and the RZR was not fixed. Nothing was planned as a follow up at this point.

So I forgo my trip to the dunes, to pull my RZR back to PHX and drop it off at a shop [suggested to me by Trey himself] for review and hopefully a fix. I explained to the shop owner (Jason) what happened and what I was told to be the cause, only to be questioned by Jason how the two could possibly be related? I shrug and we were both in agreement something fishy was going on. It seemed as if MCX did not want to admit the possibility of a mistake during an oil change or a faulty o-ring seemed to be a stretch in this case.

Fast forward to today 11/11 (15 days later) I get a call from Jason telling me all of the superficially damage parts that will need to be replaced just to get the RZR running. [It will fire up on 1 cylinder and the check engine light is on and it’s obviously NOT in proper working order] The parts alone that they can see are damaged will total 850 dollars, plus labor and again that’s just to get the RZR running so the next wave of troubleshooting can be performed.

I’m then informed, by the mechanic working on the RZR, he called Trey (who apparently was there 3 weeks prior working on proper designs and fuel settings for 2011’s but has not yet dialed them in) to let him know the extent of the damage and the cost, to which he replied…”I’m not paying that, the RZR owner is on his own.” [This is what I was told] The shop owner admits that’s terrible customer service and awaits my decision as to how he should move forward.

I’ve since emailed and placed a call to Trey with no response.

So here I am with a brand new 2011 RZR4 and a brand new MCX-USA Stage 1 turbo kit that very possibly caused fire damage in the total of at least 1000 dollars (parts/labor) and a company owner who refuses to work with me, take my calls or pay for an accident that seems to be closely related to their kits design.

I’m pretty confident in this claim (poor design and not faulty oil changes or o-rings), and with the header pipe getting red hot without shielding, will melt the end cap of the fuel rail, thus allowing the flash fire to ignite.

Flash back…mere days after the fire, MCX tells me they are going to fabricate up a part to prevent this from happening and will be sending it out to all 2011 owners with their kit. Is this not only a CYA but an admission of guilt of sorts?

Of course, I had to do my homework, reviewing the RZR myself, photo documenting the damage parts, saving the text and picture messages sent to me, as well as emails received which all display the poor level of customer service I have gotten from MCX directly after the fire.

I placed calls to shops listed on MCX’s website and sent private messages to people who have installed the MCX kit as well as found countless videos and how-to’s online. In many of the online photos and how-to’s the fuel rail is definitely off (I could not find a single instance online of this being necessary during an oil change), and was told exhaust wrap was always used on the fuel rail, and/or the header pipes to prevent any type of fire. (MCX omitted this step to preserve life of the turbo?)

I’d also like to note throughout this entire situation, I never once raised my voice, lost my temper or became aggressive in any way. As a matter of fact, Ian (MCX Sales Rep.) noted on 2 seperate occasions how surprised he was not only at how cool I was during the fire and phone call initially, but after the fact.

A Teryx owner with a friend who has a Turbo Prowler just so he can be faster than me
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Thanks for posting it, I read it on Riding Arizona. I think its good that people know about it.

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Thanks for posting this. People need to know this so they can be aware of companies like this so it doesn't happen again. In my opinion they don't have a leg to stand on. It's obvious that their modifications is what caused the malfunction, causing the damage to your machine. Your handling it alot better than i would. Sounds like you've got your ducks in a row. I say sue their azz off. It's a crying shame you've got a brand new machine and can't even ride. it. Best of luck to ya.


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