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  1. New Terravita custom flatbed

    As the primary farm rig the stock XTZ box was handy but, a flatbed spells versatility and I was pissed when I found out the price for one off the prowler 500 for a dealer. So I did what any american bloodied farm does built my own. With a alum. diamond plate head board and white oak deck it should
  2. Hauling wood for the Shop

    Drving through roughly 16" of snow with who knows how much weight on the back as u can see. Thats the driveway you see here so no smart guys talking about my snow measuring!!
  3. Arctic Cat Prowler Exterior Discussions
    I dont know what happened to the rest of this post, but here it is, I have a 2009 Prowler XTZ 1000, I need to plow with it, I didnt realize there was a difference between the XTX, XT in regard to the plows. The OEM parts are expensive and according to the local dealer he does not even know if...
1-3 of 3 Results