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2008 Prowler Exhaust

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Hi guys, I have a 2006 650 Prowler and the darn muffler is burned out. Has anyone noticed that the 2008 650 and 700 have a redesigned exhaust system? It also does not produce at much noise. I am looking into buying the parts needed for the newer system and installing it. Has anyone done this? Does anyone have any input on this idea? I am looking at it this way, if I have to buy a new muffler anyways then why not but the newer system that is much quieter. Thoughts?????

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Hey desert cat,that is the reason they changed it.Not enough head pipe before the muffler.Too much heat at the muffler.You probably already know this but babbitts online will save you 10 to 25 percent on oem parts.And no tax.

Great info sandchris, so if quiet is what I am after then it looks like I need to purchase the 2008 system and install it. Can you think of anything else I should consider before I buy this?

Yes you need to check how it mounts.Your frame probably does not have the mounts welded in for that exhaust.Probably no big deal to copy ac mounts for that system.I would go look at one at the dealer or one of your buddies 07 or later.And the heat shield under the bed would be my biggest concern.But again i would not be afraid of it.
Hows your parking brake on that 06 holding up?

I bought mine used and it did not work. Found the cable smashed under frame. I replaced it and it seems to be working good. Do you know any one with the newer exhaust system that could take some pictures of the mounting? If not I will go back to the dealer. Speaking of the mounting you're right I will need to fab a plate/heat shield like the OEM. What kind of exhaust are you running?

Is 2006 the first year for the AC Prowler???

Yep 2006 was the first year.I built my exhaust myself due to engine change.Sorry I dont know of anyone that has newer than a 06.Fmf actually makes a stainless steel slip on that i thought was a little quieter than the stock one.It has no packing to burn out and looks great.Plus you would not have to fab anything.It is probably cheaper than the late model stock setup.

Do you have any pics of your exhaust? What did you do with your old muffler?

I still have the old one.800 miles on it.Sorry no pictures of my new one.

want to get ride of your old one?

When I hit 750 mine started to rattle inside. Not much I can do except replace it.

Let me dig it out tomorrow and look it over.If i remember right it is in good shape.

Cool, sounds good

Hey desert cat, It does not rattle but i did cut the mounts off it.Do you weld?You can have it if you need it.

Yes I weld, I can transfer my mounts to it. No rattle? How much?

Sounds good, give me a call Sunday anytime after 10am

Seth 602-361-5485

I will be out and about today and could stop by if it works for you.

Hey Chris,
the muffler you put on your cat is it USFS approved? Do you remember where you bought it and what model/style or part #?
Thanks Seth

Semi-new muffler

Here is pics of the muffler,,like I said it only had about no more than 8 hour used,before I replacit it with a flowmaster muffler.what is a good reasonal price for you,,,I'am in Southern California.


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