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2009 prowler 1000 clutch Trans problems

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I have a 09 artic cat prowler 1000 efi I traded my 4 wheeler for a couple weeks ago. I only put a mile on it before something went wrong. I pulled in my drive way after riding it down a small trail by my house I switched from high gear to low gear to get ready to pull up in my shop the shifter got stuck i disconcected the linkage and tried to get it to shift to any gear I guess it was stuck between high an low an would just rev. Tried rockin it but not luck so I pulled the engine removed belt cover an manually turned the cvt clutches an it freed up the shifter. So I put the engine back in the prowler and could shift all gears but all i had was reverse. Forward gears would try to move it but it was makin a noise from trans or clutch sounded like a faint grinding so I pulled the engine again and now when i turn the cvt counter clockwise the drive shafts turn for which gear im in like nothing is wrong.
Im stumped any help or ideas are greatly appreciated I have a service manual incase it come to tearing it down. Could the wet clutch be bad?
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If the wet clutch was bad it would not idle in gear, and could cause hard shifting. Sounds like the linkage is out of adjustment, or damaged/worn. I'd start there after inspecting the wet clutch.
Leave the linkage unhooked and see if you can drive and shift it normally. That would tell you if it is an internal problem or just a linkage problem like Fairmont said.
I was able to spin the secondary clutch an the drive shafts were spining with the corresponding gears but I can hold the drive shaft im Low an high gear an spin the clutch an the drive shaft won't move... but If I put it in reverse I can't hold the drive shaft. So it must be some stripped gears somewhere in there guess I would have to split the case to find out forsure????!
Yeah the first thing I tried while the engine was still in was to pull the linkage and make sure it was fully in gear. Any one have any experiance splitin the case or is there another way to check replace gears or what ever is broke
A guy told me he thought it was the bevel gear does that make since an could I check or replace with out tearing down the whole top ends an splitting the case?
Very well could be the bevel gears. Pulling the top end off, and then splitting the case is entailed for the bevel gears, you may be able to see the bevel gears by pulling the front cylinder, but I'm a 700 guy, so I really don't know. A case splitter will be needed. I'll bow to someone with XTZ experience! Keep us informed as you work through it!
Will do I've rebuilt several grizzly 700s im new to artic cat but I will keep yall updated with pics along the way
Will do I've rebuilt several grizzly 700s im new to artic cat but I will keep yall updated with pics along the way
thanks .. some reading "experience" would be great , I have well over 5K miles on mine and never a lick of trouble other than the recent fuel pump .... but I do have a very noisy tranny [and have since I bought it] so who knows I may eventually have some on hand experience some day LOL
Splitting the case is intimidating! After reading the service manual, it really is not that bad of deal! Just like anything new! Still building my second engine! Keep looking for a good buy on the crank, and rod! I have the case, trans gears, cylinder, piston, cylinder head & upper end, oil pump, water pump, and collection of bearings! Still don't have over 600.00 dollars invested!
Well I was strapped for time last night...but I was looking and I noticed the bottom case looks like it will separate with only pulling the oil filler off the side. Do you think I should start there and if I can't seen any thing wrong i could just put it back on? an then start tearing the top end down gettin ready to split the side case. Thanks for all yalls help
Is that the side the clutch cover is on? If so, you can pull the inner cover, but not sure how much of the transmission will be visible! Bevel gears on mine are located in the center of the main cases, and towards the rear, your engine sits 180 degrees different from mine, so I suspect the bevel gears are in the front! Just guessing on this! Look at a parts diagram for the 09 1000 XTZ, may show you where the bevel gears are located. I use Arctic Cat store for the diagrams as they are easy to find! I did look up the parts on Arctic Cat Store 2009 XTZ1000 Secondary Drive. Looked like part #'s 12, and 15. and Also WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Better late than never! LOL
Thank you glad to be apart of it an thanks again il check it out
It looks like the whole bottom will come off it covers half the drive shafts but I'm goin to check out the parts diagram u told me about
Do I need the the arctic cat flywheel puller pn.0444-254 or is there another way to get it off? I used a pully puller on my grizzly just wondering said I needed a crankshaft protector also pn.0444-248 i think. I started tearing it down last night an had a few pieces of gear when u pulled the oil filler cover off I could reach one of the shafts an it had play in it and could bearly see one gear that was chewed up. But if anyone knows of a homade version or a different flywheel puller that would work if not im goin to order one an wait a week before it gets here.
Went ahead an ordered the magneto/flywheel puller an adapter for it to work on the 1000 engine.
Can't seem to find a engine gasket set for it anywhere online anyone Yall might know where to get one?
Went ahead an ordered the magneto/flywheel puller an adapter for it to work on the 1000 engine.
Can't seem to find a engine gasket set for it anywhere online anyone Yall might know where to get one?
did you try babbitt's online or country cat.
Tried country cat not Babbitts but I went ahead an ordered them thru the dealer $237 for everything needed if they were going to replace gears in it. i Called a bunch of places an they said u just gotta buy each gasket individually an piece it together guess a lot of people haven't had many issues out of the arctic cat 1000 or I would be able to find more info on it I've been takin pics along the way might try an make a couple videos to put on YouTube maybe someone could use down the road
AC did not offer a complete/rebuild set of gaskets. Inner and outer clutch cover gaskets are reusable, same for the magneto cover, there is no gasket for the case, as it is machined and silicone sealer is all that is needed. Base Cylinder gasket, and head gasket are needed. Piston rings are reusable depending on condition. Good luck Bubba, we love pictures!
The dealer did my gears for the $50.00 deductible on the extended warranty
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