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Check out the 2010 Arctic Cat Early Release Models at

Arctic Cat has unveiled a handful of early release models for 2010. The Minnesota-based manufacturer is mostly showing off some new paint, but the smallest member of the Prowler family has been given a new “XT” package of eye-catching and functional goodies, while the ATV lineup is highlighted by a 700 TRV without the cruiser trim. Of course, these are only the early release models and if 2009 is any indication we can expect a much bigger splash from Arctic Cat in the coming months. For those with short memories, Arctic Cat went hog wild in 2009 with a veritable cornucopia of new and updated ATV models headlined by the TRV 1000 H2 Cruiser, as well as a brand new 550cc powerplant. In addition, the 2009 Prowler lineup was bolstered by the high-powered 1000 H2 XTZ and the 550 Flat Bed.

Read More: 2010 Arctic Cat Early Release Models

Who is thinking of upgrading or adding to their collection after reading this article?
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