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Hello from the Cold Wilds of Alberta Canada
This is my first post as I am a new member to the forum.
I am running a 2010 Artic Cat XTZ 1000 with 30"XXL mudlites
I managed to destroy a passenger front drive shaft to the tire It pulled right out of the CV boot and did all kind of damage to the area.
I was driving in 2` of snow at the time
My Question is this...
I was sold these monster tires and my power is definitly affected. The machine seems to really struggle with this size.
I want to correct the following
1) Tire size ....I need some recommendations for type and size for this unit
2) Change out axels......what should I do and what type
I will change all 4 drive axels
3) I am going to put in a spike load dampener from D& P performance
4) Any other good suggestions for performance

Why do these things run so darn the winter the heated seat from the heat below is nice though.............

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Lighten your rollers up in your clutch for those tires and you will be fine.
What rpm do you jump up to and hold with the current configuration.
This is called shift-out RPM.

Im a huge fan of the new Arctic Cat Updated white cup axles.
I have busted lots of axles but none with the white cup.
Gorilla has a good rep.
Also Flying121 has a name of a axle manufacturing business that can handle the job as-well.
Think it is Turner Axles ..... Is that correct Todd?

If it were me I would not put the delete in. I would go with the 2011 through current clutch pack it is actually clutches not plates and pins that u have now.
All u need is the pack it will fit in your current drum.

I have broken trannys and engine cases with the damper in could only imagine how fast I would destroy it if I was hooked up solid!
Just my .02

For performance I had Muzzys and the Muzzy fuel controller and HOLY S#!T it was a animal!!!!
Also once clutched you will be amazed.
You could also look into the Wet Clutch Delete by Muzzy as well the guys over on wildcat forums and loving it.
You might have to search for it by looking for wildcat clutches but they are the same no worry there my friend.

Good Luck and Enjoy

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Yes Riddler28 is correct. The ultimate axles are Turners but they are over kill for most and cost a bunch. I second the new improved white cup axles from AC. They seem to work fine.

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welcome to the house

fill in your profile and signature line so when you as questions it will show in the signature what ya have and folks will know how to help ya and profile so we know where your at again to better help ya.
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