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Received my new 2010 XTX 700 and there are many improvements over the 2009 XTX.
They have put an heavier spring on the gas peddle and also lowered it to the floor a bit which makes it alot more comfortable on log rides as I found you had to hold your foot up on the previous peddle. The spring makes it alot less jerky.
Also the hand emergency brake works and feels solid as the floor e brake always felt a little flimsy to me.
They have taken and put the cup holders on the floor to make room for the e brake and put a center hump on the floor with a small compartment in it.
They also changed the tires to a radial tire. I find these a little rough because they now hold 20 psi of air (I am going to try and drop the pressure to 15 psi and see how that works).
The seat belt now has a shoulder strap.
all in all I think they have made some good improvements.
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