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Bought a 2019 Prowler Pro 800 last Friday. The guy plans to deliver it tomorrow after dinner time.

For my 1st time usage, what do you recommend? re:
  • Change Engine Oil / Filter
  • Change its front / rear axle gear oil
  • Apply oil on all contact / sliding areas.
  • Check / Clean its brake (replace if needed)
  • Check its rubber boots for tears / oil leaks.
  • Check its wench wiring nuts for tightness
  • Check its battery posts for screw tightness.
  • Any other items? Perhaps there's a "first spring season" checklist as a sticky?

What DIY mods (weak area fixes) do you recommend? re:
  • What cleaner to use for its front & rear windshield cleaning?
  • What air lbs within its radio tires do you recommend?
  • Perhaps heat wrapping its muffler or installing a 2nd heat shield plate around it?

Thanks for your "1st time owner / 1st time usage" knowledge gain help....
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