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2020 prowler pro wont go over 14 mph

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Took the prowler pro over to the neighbors tonight to deliver some eggs. In high gear it wouldn't go over 14 mph. Up hill the engine would rev to maintain 14, and downhill it would cut out to maintain 14.

My normal use for this machine is for farm work. Usually in low gear and usually in 4wd. I don't go fast on the farm. I have no idea how long it's been like this. Last time I had it on the road was probably a couple of months ago and it was fine. Top speed around 45 ish.

I checked the governor and it's set to 50, so that's not it. Any ideas?

BTW I'm new here, and did a search but couldn't find an answer.

Thank you.
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Nevermind, I figured it out. Daughter and a friend came to visit last week. They used it and disabled my seat belt workaround so she could wear it. Apparently, it's limited to 14 mph if it senses you aren't wearing one. Learn something new every day.
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