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28" and 30" mud tires

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what are some good 28" and 30" mud tires for a 14" rim.
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Anyone running 28" Zillas if so how do they do. I am having a hard time trying to pick out tires for my prowler.
I am thinking about going with 28" Zillas after looking around I liked the look of them and heard they are good. Does anyone on here have any input about them.
I run 28 zilla's great...will be putting mudlite 30's on in near future
How do they ride on the trail and how do they do in mud.
in my opinion zilla's ride smooth... under 5 mi little less smooth but over 5 mi smooth right out. I ride dirt, gravel and pavement. I dont know what kind of mud you ride in. I try to stay out of mud if I can....zilla's walked right through mud that was 8 maybe 10 in deep after some heavy rains we had. Hope I offered a little help on zilla"s
Put 30" mudlites on today... havent drove it yet...been raining all day
What did you do with your Zillas? Wanna sell them?
I agree with Plowboy, I have 28" zillas and they are a good tire on and off road. I do want to go with a taller tire next time around, hopefully zilla will make a 30" soon
Plowboy, let us know how the mudlites work for you
been busy harvesting so I havent rode much...but what little i have...they seem to work good they ride smooth, smoother than zilla's. defiantly can tell they are larger and heavier than the zilla's....they wonder a bit.... only have 20-25 miles on them... no real test yet
I just put 30'' mudlite xxl on mine. Looks sweet. they rub a bit. It is definately more squirrelly than before and lost about 7 mph on top. Not noticable on the bottom. I will post pics later.

Here are some pics.:cool:


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that looks good. Are they 10's and 12's or all the same size?
All the same, Ha I forgot if they are 10 or 12. I am pretty sure they are 10''x14''x30".
looks wide are the rims?
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