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What has happened to all the AC dealers in my area of Beaumont ,TX? I am in the market for a utility vehicle and like the prowler but the three dealers Gander mt, cowboy polairs and M&S cycle have gone out of buisness or stopped selling the AC line.I know the economy is slow and this must be the result of it. Thanks
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I have heard the dealers had to order 10 XTZ's at a time. So it was to much for some dealers. shops closing, sucks
I have heard the dealers had to order 10 XTZ's at a time. So it was to much for some dealers. shops closing, sucks
I've never heard that one before. I'm a dealer and was told to order whatever I thought I could sell. I do know that times are tough for many dealers and since AC only has about an 8-10% market share on ATV's, that makes them the first line that many shops will do away with if times get tough. And with ATV sales declining on average, 20 to 35% across the US, many dealers were caught with a lot of 07 and 08 units still on their lot. That effectively stopped them from ordering 09's. I've heard many dealers make excuses to lay the blame elsewhere, but the bottom line is, they ordered to many 08 units and got stuck with them. Bad business, but it sure isn't AC's fault.
Guess Polaris, Yamaha and Honda have such a big name in the market that even if AC produced the best ATVs and UTVs out there, they still would have a hard time getting more sales.
But don't believe for a minute that AC told these dealers that they need to order 10 XTZ's minimum. Instead, ask the dealers how many 07's and 08's they still had in their inventory and how many 09's they ordered period. That will give you a better picture on how well they are selling.
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Thanks Darryl

its nice to know the real story. i hear so many rumors about this stuff. now i know who to ask. lol
Well I found an AC dealer thats still in buisness, Tyler County Tractor, Woodville,TX. He said he had some 700s but no 1000s yet. I did ask about the other dealers and was told only that gander was getting out of the powersports buisness, boats, boat motors and atv's. He could not give a reason on the other dealers going out.
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