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******* accessories: part 1

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Northeastern Nevada offers tremendous opportunities for riding, both on the desert floor and in the mountains (which range up to 11,000'). Most of the time we never see another person, even if riding for 70-80 miles in a day. So, I built the spare tire rack that also carries two 5-liter gas cans. This rack is made of angle iron, and bolts directly to the front lip of the dump bed. A pipe that just fits the hub hole in the rim was welded to the angle iron, and I socket-welded a bolt into a plate welded to the end of the pipe. The gas cans are protected against chafing by conveyor belting glued to the inside of the gas can racks. You can also see a shovel, short chain, sledge hammer, and a 5' piece of drill steel. The sledge and drill steel help remedy the fact that we are a bit light on trees in many parts of Nevada, so I can drive in a deadman to winch myself out when necessary.:D

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thats some pretty nifty stuff right there...very nice
Thank you.
Very cool! More pics when you get a chance. You know we should do a McGywver thread on here. Were we talk about all out best tricks for the trails. lol
McGiver thread indeed!! LMAO!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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