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******* accessories: part 2

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We bought the camo Prowler for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I (Bob) like to hunt everything from birds, to coyotes, to deer, antelope and elk. Since we generally bring along a rifle, I decided to build a gun rack that would hold two scoped rifles with large capacity magazines (sorry guys in Cali!). I used 2" square tubing and a piece of angle iron to build the upper portion, and the lower is built out of 2" angle. The upper portion bolts directly into the cubby hole in the dash. The lower portion bolts to the floor board, and includes a section that holds an ammo can (good for extra magazines, tools, etc.).

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very cool...looks like your prepared to shoot for most anything that moves
You know, it is just bad form to show up unprepared!:)
funny..............thats just sooooo true
I'm working on a double gunrack also. I would have like to mount them upfront like that but I need the room up there for my floor console. I first took some 1 1/4" U-Bolts & mounts a 24" piece of 3/4" pipe to the "V" supports in the back..Double gunrack bolts up to 3/4" pipe. I tilted the rack about 20 degrees so scopes wouldn't hit the V-Bars. Its on the outside of cab. Works great. Will have to get pics of it.
Man I would love to roll up in the dezert with that set up. everyone would just think I was with the Border patrol anyways lol
Don't know about SoCal, but I reckon in AZ that could get you shot at!
Then again, if you travel with the likes of these guys, maybe being shot at is a little less likely!:D
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Ya i call that riding safe!
Now that's a Texas-sized hunting rig! How does the machine handle with two guys sitting in the high seats?

BTW, machine named for a certain Prince of Darkness?
It actually handles very good. I was surprised. It gets a little light on the front end, but I usually but a bag of corn or something (50#'s) on the front rack. Ozzy is short for Ozzreal, the cat on the smurfs cartoon.
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