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i have the old crappy foot pedal parking brake on my 07 prowler. well i just bought a new cable and installed it i have not adjusted it or tightened it down to any setting. in the manual it gives a poor decription on how to adjust it properly, i searched the site and found little adjustment help maybe you guys could point me to a thread or explain the best way to make it functional. and when the cable will eventually stretch will i have to readjust the arm on the rear caliper or will just the housing nuts work by the foot pedal. i apprciate any input thanks

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I took this out of the manual I downloaded from
It only took a few minutes to do and holds good now. There are pictures in the manual.

Parking Brake
Although the parking brake has been adjusted at the factory,
the brake should be checked for proper operation.
The brake must be maintained to be fully functional.
1. With the engine off, transmission in neutral, and
the parking brake set, attempt to move the vehicle.
2. If the rear wheels are locked, it is adjusted properly.
3. If the rear wheels are not locked, it must be
adjusted (set up).
To adjust (set up) the parking brake, use the following

NOTE: Remove the four rear body screws securing

the belly panel to the frame and allow it to drop
down for better access to the parking brake actuator.
1. Remove the parking brake cable from the actuator
lever; then remove the actuator nut and actuator
lever. Note the position of the lever before removing.
2. Rotate the actuator clockwise (hand tight) until it
contacts the back of the piston; then rotate counterclockwise
approximately one spline.
Install the actuator lever in the position noted in
step 1; then install the actuator nut and tighten to
35 ft-lb.
4. Install the parking brake cable and adjust nuts so
the parking brake holds the vehicle when set and
fully releases it when released.
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