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Is the air intake manifold needed that sits behind the cage and in front of the bed? There is one intake that feeds the air filter; a second one that goes do the transmission? And a third that is some sort of an exhause.

The reason I ask is that they are very loud. Can they be blocked/removed (obviously not the one that feeds the air filter)?

I use my 650 for hunting and need it to be as quiet as possible. I have already put a Benz Silent Rider on it and that helped the exhaust db some, but there is still a lot of noise from the air intake manifold.

I had considered the following:
Running a thick air intake tube up from the air filter assembly to the top of the 650 and putting an additional filter on there or just running a intake tube all the way from the carb to the top and putting on an air filter there.

Second, if I can remove/block the remaining two ports, I was considering putting some sort of filter/foam to help lower the sound.

Any suggestions?
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