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Airbrushing For Our Teryx Build

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Just dropped off the body panels, etc to our artist to start on the airbrushing...if anyone needs custom airbrushing on their plastics, I insist you check out airtite navigation page his designs and artwork are insane, I could not imagine actually having a percentage of his talent.

Anyone, just thought I would share that with everyone!

Oh, he also does tats, so I now know where I am going for my next one!

Thanks so much Shawn, I cannot wait to see the final product!

His other site can be found at:

shawn wilken artist
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What are you going to have him do?? That paint on the Prowler on his site is bad!
Ahhh I cannot release the design until the magazine article, do not want to give any secrets away to my competitor, but it is going to be insane!

To your point though, his work is incredible indeed!! VERY detailed, not sure the pictures really do any justice.
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