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Belt Drive problems-2006 Prowler

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Three weeks ago prowler quit moving, ran fine. Was making a rattling sound and rubber smoke & smell from belt vent pipe. Tore down, thought I just fried the belt.
No such luck, belt still looked good, but seal on outer case bearing fried. Also front moveable face spines gone,rear movable face splines almost wore down to nothing. Nut on clutch shaft rubbed outer seal retainer. A little leakage in belt case, chaged outer case bearing & seal (obviuosly) Inner bearng,seal & o-ring,inner,outer movable faces, weights (few flat spotted)
All back together now, but a little noisy, just wondering if clutch shaft is bad (splines looked good) and all bearing and seals fit fine.Taking it out this coming weekend will see how it does. Anyone ever seen something like this on one of these ? Unit has 1234 miles, 134 hours.
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I have been into mine pretty deep, but have not encounter this. There is any inner wet clutch that could be slipping. What type of noise are you hearing now?

It just sounds a little different almost like a rubbing that comes and goes. I have a poker run I'm going on this saturday, that should put it through the paces so I will see how it goes. I'm thinking that splinded clutch shaft is part of the problem (possibly bent). Do you know a good aftermaket co that handles those? AC wants about $250 for one.
Same thing just happened to my '06. Was running fine, then just stopped moving. Hoped I just blew the belt, no such luck. Belt looked good, but moveable drive face has a groove worn in it from the nut, Oil pouring from the shaft seal. Outer seal (in belt cover) also rubbed/worn by nut. The splines on the shaft still look good. I'll try to include a picture. Any idea what caused this? Improper torque on nut or something? I got it used less than a year ago.

Damaged drive face
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Mine looked just like that when I had to service leaking shaft seals. Over torque maybe, did you have a washer behind the nut?

Did you still have any of the spline area on the inside of the movable face?.
There was no washer at all on mine, the parts book doesn't show a washer on the '07, but does on the '06 calls them shims and shows two. There was what appeared to be the leftovers of an o-ring smashed in the threads of the nut.
Make sure the outer splined sheave and washer are on just right or the washer pinches a little and will loosen up on a ride and you spin the sheave and strip the thin metal splines.
What size tire are you running? What terrain?

That is exactly what mine looked like. I replaced the clutch shaft assembly when I put mine back together, it came with a new nut and washer (shim) Apparently you have to be careful on the 06's on reassembly to compress the secondary spring. The newer ones have a threaded hole in them to compress the spring. This allows the more slack in the belt when reassembling the movable drive face assy. If not the belt may give you a false torque reading and the nut can back off. I have regular tires on mime. I wonder if someone had yours apart before you bought it installing a new belt ?
I'm running 27X11R14 and maybe 27x9R14 on the front, it was used on gravel trails with the occasional marsh bog before I got it. Now it is used as our primary vehicle on the gravel/dirt roads around the rural Alaskan village we live in.
The way it looks, I'm guessing it got improperly torqued against the belt. Got the new parts in hand. Do I need the spanner wrench for the secondary clutch nut? Or is there other ways to get it? Can't get an impact on it because of the floor pan.
When I took off my secondary clutch my local dealer let me barrow a spanner wrench. I did not fit so I removed the floor and used my impact, it worked great.

There is a spanner wrench out there that fits the primary and secondary clutch assembly I hear but have not seen one in action.

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