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OK this is going to be like a mini ad for a family member but he invented and Patent the unit. The unit I'm referring to is a chargalert Planet Equipment Frameset Page This little light saved my bacon twice while riding my Rhino. Once on a 102 degree day about 12 miles from camp my charge light came on telling me my system wasn't charging. Rhino's had a problem with their Stators in 2004 and mine had just failed.:eek: I was riding alone so I bee line back to camp before total voltage failure. Wouldn't have been a good day for a walk. The second time wasn't so bad being I was only a mile from my Dixie Creek home, this time the ProComm voltage regulator fried (letting all the smoke out). Now with my new XTZ I've installed the unit and found a pond starting that the XTZ tends to overcharge. No problem, just turn on the lights and system within tolerance, cool. These units are very simple to install and do not cost a fortune, best under $50.00 accessory I've installed. I have install them on my boat and my Kawasaki 650 Brute. To the guys who say I have a volt meter, great but will it get your attention like a brite LED light will? I'm not sure if he will sell them from his site, if not contact me I had ordered a few to have on hand. There are several motorcycle shops around the southwest carrying them also.
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