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Malfunction code P0635 will appear if one of the following
six conditions occur:
1. Battery system power failure:
A. 30 amp EPS fuse blown
B. EPS relay failure
C. EPS voltage less than 8.5 DC volts for more than
two seconds
2. Ignition switch ON for more than five minutes with
the engine not running.
3. Vehicle Speed Signal Malfunction (engine speed
must exceed 2700 RPM for more than 60 seconds to
generate a malfunction code - timer resets if engine
drops below 2700 RPM).
A. Diode defective (open or shorted)
B. Diode not installed
C. Diode installed in reverse
D. Speed sensor defective
E. Speed sensor signal erratic
F. Speed sensor signal present but without tachometer
G. Speed sensor power from LCD gauge interrupted
H. Incorrect LCD gauge installed
4. Engine Speed Signal Malfunction (vehicle speed must
exceed 5 MPH for more than two seconds - timer
resets if speed drops below 5 MPH.
A. No engine speed signal
B. Erratic engine speed signal
5. EPS Control Circuit Malfunction
6. Engine Stop Switch in Stop position with Ignition
Key switch ON.

Good Luck!
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