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Coil-spring spacers

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Anyone know of anybody who makes coil spring spacers for the Prowler.
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No, but I would be intered in raising the back end of mine so it will sit level with my cooler full and kids in the back.

Yep I would love some coil spacers for front and back to get a little lift.
I wonder if some of the automotive spring spacers would work???
We broke the left rear shock (OEM) Labor Day weekend. Didn't really do anything that should have broke it, but then again it could have resulted from sometime earlier!

Anyway, we bought Bilstein shocks. They immediately leveled the machine. We kept them adjusted as they were sent from Micro Touch. I find the ride is a bit stiffer now, but I also feel more secure. On sidehills it definitely feels better, and it articulates like crazy.

With these shocks, I don't think you need spacers, and they have almost infinite adjustment.
Thanks for the input

it's a red neck fix...but you can compress shock spring and put a piece of pipe in as a coil spring spacer....

a simple bracket lift will get you roughly a 2" lift

can lower top shock mounts

after market longer shocks

just a couple of ideas...maybe one will work for you
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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