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Cracked part of case - can it be fixed?

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Hi! Hoping I can get some advice on my rebuild for a 2009 AC Prowler 700 XTX. I was trying to torque the reverse thread nut on the wet clutch, and the special AC tool slipped, taking a chunk out of my case. As near as I can figure, this is an oil passage for the bearing that the clutch housing rides on. In my pictures, (never mind the piece of blue shop towel as it was only there to prevent the pieces from falling in) you can see the two pieces from multiple angles.

My question is which option would I go with: 1) ideally I'd repair this unless it's an alloy that prevents any kind of welding; 2) I could use the same sealant from the case halves with the pieces pushed in to help press on the opposite side; or 3) do I just need another case half and take it all apart again (I'm really dreading this because I bought this with the motor blown that was already apart, so not only would I need to get the case separator tool, but I installed all new bearings and seals that I think would be wasted).

Can this even be welded? Is the oil pressure low enough that I could seal it?

Thanks in advance!
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Maybe a simpler question, does anyone know what the case is made from? Is it just an aluminum alloy?
Posting for anyone in the future that may be curious. The cast aluminum case can be tig welded, and ended up being very easy with no issues from impurities. The guy did it in 10 minutes and only charged me $40. Looks like it'll be fine.

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JB Weld would likely have worked also but glad you're back in business.
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