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Diecast Playcars for your Arctic Cat Long Travel Kits

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Diecast Playcars is your #1 source for your Arctic Cat Performance Parts and Accessories. XTX, XT & H1 Long Travel Kits, as well as XT2 1000 coming soon. Check out our web page at or email us at [email protected]
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What do you kind of lift kit and muffler options do you have for a 2006 Prowler 650 H1?

I am running a Diecast LT.. Works awesome! VERY happy with it!
Welcome to the site!!!!
I am running a Diecast LT.. Works awesome! VERY happy with it!
thats what I have ....great suspension....great people
Regarding Lift Kit questions and exhaust

We offer a long travel kit for the Arctic Cats which can be set at different ride highths. Our kit we offer extends each side of the vehicle 4" out from the center of the chasis and pushes the front wheel base forward to accomodate a larger tire. It comes with an adjustable coil over so height of adjustment is just a few turns of the wrench. As for exhaust, we offer a custom header made in house which is approx. 26" longer than stock. You can use many different muffler packages, we carry the FMF pipe. We also offer Carb Jet Kits and CDI units which compliment each other well. Check out our website at or feel free to give us a call at 619-444-2488!!!​
How about a good pic of your hood??
Diecast's fiberglass hood....
Pics of our hood and fenders are on, go to parts, click on utv parts, pic of hood and fender should come up. thanks!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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