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DIY - Tilt box bushing replacement...

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Approx 3 weeks ago I bought a Pre-owned 2019 Prowler Pro. During its under box heat shield install task (see other post), I quickly discovered its 3 year old tilt box steel bushings were rusted solid. Its factory steel bolts were rusted inside its steel bushings. Ouch! If I fix replace steel with steel, it will most likely rust solid again.... For a permanent fix, I simply removed its factory steel bolts / bushings and drilled its holes 2 x sizes larger. I then bought/installed plastic bushings (used for leaf spring suspension eyes), greased their inside holes, smeared grease on the bolt shafts, installed the 2 x larger size galvanized bolts, installed large galvanized flat washers on their outsides and re-installed using lock nuts. Very simple and very low cost replacement. Best of all, they are now "plastic" bushings. When/if they wear oval, I simply replace with new plastic bushings (using low cost leaf spring eye bushings again). For visual of plastic (nylon) bushings, see attachments. Hope this helps others...
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