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DragonFire Racing Production SXS

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I will try to answer some questions on pricing. We are not taking deposits on this car until we can get the first 10 out. To be able to manufacture this car, it had to all be drawn in solid works. Every tube has a part number. The tubes will come to us pre bent and coped. They will just have to be put in a fixture and welded. The drawings will be done next week so we can build the first 2 seater. We had to do a lot of testing on the car prior to going to this final step. We tested a few days at ET and then raced the Searchlight Grand Prix: The race was 30 mins plus a lap, and we won the race by over 10 minutes. We appreciate the excitement for this vehicle, but we want to deliver the best car we can.
We have to build a part number for every hose, bolt, tube, brake line, etc so the customer can order spares, and be able to handle brake fix. Since all the tubes will have part numbers, if you wreck the car, you can order the tubes that were bent and have your local fab shop weld the new pieces in.
We are trying to get as close to the OE level as we can. Micro Fish on the vehicle for parts, User manual and spare parts list.
We are also working on track days, so we can set up the car for each driver, and teach them how to use everything the car has to offer.
We have posted several times what will come for the sub 20k mark.
Stock motor, stock computer, stock exhaust: this is the only way to pass CARB. If you are familiar with the issues in the sand car market, we need to be sure we are CARB approved. This can’t be done until the 2 seater is finished. Carb is based on vehicle weight and emissions.
We also need it to be a Kelly Blue Book Vehicle so it can be financed. We need the two seater finished to get this done.
What is on the Race CAR that is not on the production car.
We have built our own Stand Alone fuel injection system: our 840 Pump Gas motor did 61 RWHP and almost 80 MPH on Wellers Dyno. This product will be released shortly for all CARB and current EFI upgrades. So no EFI, and No 840. Bone stock 750 or 950 Cat motor (950 Cat motor will be more)
We are still negotiating wheels and tires, but bead locks will not be included. We are working with Hiper to design a 14 inch wheel that fits the car. Currently they do not have a wheel that will clear the front spindle. ITP type 7 work on all corners.
The Race Pack Digital Dash is for testing and tuning. This will be an upgrade.
We have stated prior the type 1 kit, 4 wheel disk brakes and inboard hubs will be an upgrade, they still will be.
We have adjustable shocks on the car, the production car comes with non adjustable.
The race car has one seat; we will provide two in the production car.
The Race exhaust will be an option. We cannot have this on the car and pass CARB.
There is no COM, NAV, or Lights on the car. These will all be accessories.
Since Many people will be racing this car, we need to leave some things for you to get from your sponsors. Wheels, Tires, Lights , Shocks are some of the biggest sponsored products. We want the customer to have options when building the car.
Current Accessories: Lights, Wheels Tires, In Board Hubs with Type 1 CV’s and Axles, COM, NAV, Adjustable shocks, Race Exhaust
We will be racing the Baja 1000 in the car next month with Kawasaki. This will be the final test. We hope to be taking orders by Mid December.
We are close to a bill of Materials, and the production car should come in sub 20k. But I see no problem with people spending 10k on accessories. I am guessing most cars will go out in the mid to low 20’s.
Upgraded motor with EFI, bead lock wheels and the type 1 rear end will be most common for the racer.
But if you are not racing, the production car will be the best play car on the market.
We are still working with Kawasaki and Arctic Cat on motor and driveline packages, we are also looking at a different front and rear differential
We are putting Parts Lists together, Here are some pics of everything besides the Aluminum and Plastics

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The numbers you are talking sound pretty good.I like the weight.The unit in pics. has no paint on the chassis.Does your entry level include chassis paint?

i believe it would be powdercoated.
Man that looks like so much fun, i would love to sit there and take that hot rod apart with a permanent marker and put a number on each piece.

Mix up the pieces and put it back together:)
Man that looks like so much fun, i would love to sit there and take that hot rod apart with a permanent marker and put a number on each piece.

Mix up the pieces and put it back together:)
Maybe I should inquire about a chassis pretty much bare stick my turbo motor in it and call it done, wait .... I need real doors Im not gonna crawl in like Boss Hog.
We should have a cage party and try to put one of those together in a night. that would be funny as the night went on
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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