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so, my 09 650xt has been sitting since turkey season. i went out to give it some attention and get it ready for deer camp work days this weekend. it wouldn't start and i ran the battery down trying to crank it. so i charged the battery, removed the carb and took it apart to clean it. when i opened up the carb, it was bone dry. i cleaned everything and put it all back together and reinstalled it. while i had the carb off, i noticed the fuel pump vacuum line had broken off in two places, so i replaced the old with new running from fuel pump to the neck in front of the carb. i also replaced the gas tank vent hose and the carb overflow vent hose. after a minute ro so, the engine cranked up and would run as long as i was pushing on the gas pedal.

soon as i let off the gas pedal, the engine would die. i fiddled with the idle adjustment screw on the driver side of the carb and it didn't improve the situation.

any ideas what i should do to identify and fix whatever is preventing the engine from idling?

thanks in advance.
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