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Extra Battery

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Has anyone installed a second battery? I have not been able to find a mounting bracket anywhere on line. If you know where to find one that would be great.
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Made my own for 20-30 dollars worth of aluminum.Drivers side below stock battery.

Can you post a pic of it?
What all are you running off it?
Can you replace it with a bigger battery?

Chris you are running an alternator aren't you?

Prior to installing my driveline alternator, I was charging my battery every time I came back to camp. I killed 2 batteries - charging - discharging - charging.

I finally found a guy that owned a bettery shop that knew his stuff. He turned me on to a "wheel chair" battery that is a deep cycle and is designed to get discharged and charged all of the time. It works great.

Now that I have a alternator, I never have to mess wess with charging.

I am probably the exception to the rule when it comes to needing battery power however! He is what runs off my 12 volt system:

Radiator cooling fan
Oil cooler cooling fan
CVT blower fan
On board Compressor for air horns - air up tires - air tools
50 Watt radio and intercomm
4 HIDs in my hood
6 - Fuegos in my light bar

And the regular stuff..
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Yep I am running a alt.Left everything stock off of the rotax charging system on that system.All the adds Hids ,Stereo, Extra fuel pump run off of second blue top gel cell orbital and alternator.Had that battery in since i did the alt.two years ago.

where did you get your alternator? How much and was it easy to install?
where did you get your alternator? How much and was it easy to install?
Thats the question! i have seen his Alt set up very cool. Knowing Chris he probably made it himself from a 69 rs ss camaro or something lol
here are some pics, sorry if i am messing up your secrets SAndChris

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Rick I think that alt. would work on a camaro!
I got the pulley and the alt from lopers.I think I have 140.00-160.00 dollars in the whole set up. Fabbed up the mounts myself.And redrilled the pulley to fit the earlier AC driveline.
I took a Look at the 1000,s frame the other day to see if my mounting method would work and it will.
The 700,s frame will accept the alt.too.But the pulley will have to be welded on to the drive line or machined to bolt with the rotor to the rear yoke.I have done the bolt to the rotor on two rhinos so it does work that way as well.I think phat cat welded his pulley but not sure.
gdeez if you are serious about the alt and need some help get with me.

I wound up making a new front drive shaft and had it lathed down the length of the shaft except where the pulley is. Big drawn out ordeal. Chris has a much simpler and great working set-up. Unless you want to spend big $'s his is definately the way to go. How many amps is yours Chris?
100 amps is what it is rated at.GM large case one wire.

Same here.....
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