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Finished Up XZT1000

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all fab'ed here in house
4130 tig welded cage - a bit taller for the + 6' crowd
F&R bumpers
Complete skidplate
Rear chase lights
Lighted whip mount
Warn winch set up to use front or rear
Machine Trix side view mirrors
Fox adjustable coil overs
SDHQ tie rods
Vision X battery
2" spacers
14" KMC bronze wheels
26" Bighorns
Vision X 22" LED bar in the front bumper
Vision X 42" LED bar up top
Vision X 22" LED bar on the passenger side
Vision X 12" LED bar on the rear bumper
Vision X HID headlight - high and low beams in the factory buckets
Vision X dome lights
Twisted stitch seats
Simpson D3 Camo belts
Painless wiring components
Rear bench seat has a quick release and has a mount for when is Geophysical Logging equipment is in there
Rear section of the cage has mounts for his equipment to winch up and into the bed

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That thing is ready for a safari! What's the point of the light bar on the passenger side?
I think the guy is a surveyor or something, and he asked for all that stuff.
so you dont pick up ugly chicks at night
Is the windsheild glass? Everything looks great.
goods: the bumpers, fantastic doors, roof rack and the under hood/ hood
bad: cage

wonder if johnny is gonna make doors like that..though i still like his 1/2 doors...
He does borehole geophysics and video services with it... So the lights are set up for the remote places he has to head into.. Side light is set up to be able to light up the area where his equipment that sits in the bed is facing and working...
are you guys gonna be selling any of that or is that one off custom stuff? thanks s
The majority of it is custom stuff.
great looking Cat guys, well done! I like the extra cover over the trunk. How much? Does it seal alot better?

where can we get the doors at?? They are awesome!!!
We fab the doors up here in house.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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