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First time member with an Artic Cat Problem

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Last night my Artic Cat was parked and idling in neutral with the emergency brake on, all of a sudden it took off on its own, fast, down the driveway until it hit a tree. Has anyone ever had this problem before?
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What do you mean by itself. Rolling or underpower from the engine?

The emergency brake was pulled, the prowler was idleing, then it revved up and took off, fast, without warning and it did not stop until it hit a tree. It was still running, there was no hill and no one was on the Prowler at the time. We cut it off, got it out of the trees. My father-in-law got on it, started it up and then it took off, like before, in reverse dragging the front end, with him on it. It bounced off two vehicles, before he was able to shut it off.

In researching the website, I found recalls on the ATVs for the throttle sticking and was wondering if they had the same engine.
The throttle sticking is one thing but just increasing throttle without anyone sitting on it is wild. Remove the engine cover and throttle cable cover. Then you can watch and see if the throttle arm moves when this happens.

Thanks. I'll keep you posted.
I don't see any way possible for it to accelerate AND go into gear on its own. You said it was idling in Neutral right? And it went forward on its own? Then you say you started it up again and this time it went in Reverse all by itself? I don't see how it is possible for motor to randomly pick a gear and floor it, all by itself. Sorry................
I am sorry for the confusion. The first time, the Prowler was idleing in neutral and went into gear by itself. Once we got it out of the trees, my father in law did put it in reverse to get it into the garage, that it when it revved up and flew backwards, hitting two vehicles before he shut it off. Right now, it is on the lift in the garage.
wow thats wild, i have seen arctic cat sleds do that before, but not the UTVs. Let us know what you find out.
It can only be one thing.......

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Actually, I would look at things that shouldn't move but might, such as broken motor mounts that allow the engine to move and pull on a cable or a cable that is hung up on something like the cover or frame, causing it to pull and shift into gear.
Arctic Cat hasn't released any bulletins on this type of problem that I'm aware of and this is the first time I've heard of this problem... :eek:
I read that the sleds had that problem. The UTV is in the garage stripped down. It took a hard crash into a tree. I will let everyone know what we find out.
Thanks for the info. I will pass it along.
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