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FNR: MTV Travis pastrana and the Nitro Circus CREW

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Pastrana, Bell, Street Bike Tommy, and the entire Crew will be in Phx next week for the DragonFire Racing Premiere of Nitro Circus. MTV will be filming at the Premiere and the DragonFire World Cup the following Day.
Be part of next year’s Nitro Circus, and be part of the MTV DragonFire Episode. Come trade paint with the crew in the world cup.
Travis and Gunnies are going for a world Record UTV JUMP. Be part of the excitement for two days.
Premiere is next Friday the 14th at DragonFire Racing in Mesa
Tickets and more information can be found at Yamaha Rhino Accessories, Yamaha Rhino Performance, Arctic Cat Prowler, Polaris Ranger, Custom Yamaha Rhino @
YouTube - Travis Pastrana NC6 "Thrillbillies-DOUBLEWIDE"[/url]
YouTube - Thrillbillies 2: Double Wide Trailer #1[/url]
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MTV notified us today, that they cannot insure the vehicles that the Thrillbilly Crew was going to drive.
Many of the local racers had offered up their race cars, with the understanding that the vehicles would be insured by MTV. I want to thank Dan Kelly and Bobby VanBeekum for offering up there cars.
We had legal counsel review these documents and both Godfrey Films and Dragonfire Racing do not feel that there is adequate verbiage to cover the vehicle and the owner for allowing the crew to race the vehicle.
The world Record Jump will be done in Utah this Friday instead. Sorry we could not get the group here for the race or the jump, but we did not want to compromise the friendships of the people that were trying to make this happen.
Good luck racing, and see you at the Premier.
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