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Glad I found you

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My name is Wally Jones I am 60 years old and I have 106 acres of very rough land in Adams County Ohio that I ride on. I have a 2007 Red Arctic Cat Prowler 650 H1 XT that I put three sets of plastic on. I finally took it to my Son-in-Laws prefab shop and made most of it metal. I will post before and after pictures. My hobbies are long range shooting, pistol and rifle reloading, ridding my Arctic Cat Prowler and building and working on computers. I am looking forward to meeting all of you on line and maybe even in person.

Wally Jones - Adams County Ohio
2007 Arctic Cat Prowler XT
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Hey Wally, welcome.We wont hold your age against you.

Welcome t the site

hey wally.. im from the area of toledo, oh... we have ditches, fields and woods.... want kind of riding conditions do you have? im guessing some better hills... we are pretty flat up here
Welcome to the site Wally!!! lets see Prowler, Computers and shooting Guns thats about all I need to stay happy!!
My land is mostly hills covered with trees and rocks. I am land locked and have to go 6/10 of a mile over six creeks to get to my land. I was flooded 5 times last year and now the 650 Arctic Cat Prowler is the only way we have to ride in. Land is a very good place for shooting but challenging to ride over.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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