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There are a bunch of UTv's going on the first full moon Glamis ride of the season! I wanted to post up so you all know when and were if you want to come out and ride.

We will be parking off Gecko road probably Pad 3

Here is the list from the other forum, give you guys and idea of the turn out for these rides.

1. Sho
2. MP aka Sancho
3. Biggjim
4. Hapa aka GlamisProwler
5. Unleashed
6. Oldschool
7. Kracker
8. the great. keLLi.
9.controled force
10. waytay
11. Warlock
12. (warlock) Lil Bro.
13. Karl
15. brandon(bada$$ teryx)
16. RhinoRyder
17. JoeyD! I aint missin this ****
18. Juanos
19. Powerplay
20. KJ (fingers crossed)
21. drewallen42 (Ryan)
22. whiteflour(Jason)
23. Utv Mayhem

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I am gonna try and make that one.Might have to be with my car though.Not sure if my prowler will be ready by then.Secret stuff going on there.
Thats fine Chris, If my Rhino isnt ready i will be on Marks Quad lol

You do know the Nor Cali boys are bring some heat. CrontrolledForce has that Rotax 1000 with a hairdryer. He wont say but he built it to try and run with you.

GregC in his R1 he has some secret also I think.

Several built Rotax 800's

Lots of usual folks will be there also like me:)

There will be severl different rides going off and then we will have a big group snake run to olds.
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