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H4 LED light install....

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FYI share....

My 2019 Prowler Pro takes factory H4 Halogen bulbs. These are 2 x single bulbs that are used for both high and low beams. Since my older age eyes are weak, they need more lighting. Need brighter lighting with less heat output as well.... And, something that takes water splashing / exposure as well....

A few weeks ago I upgraded to H4 LED motorcycle bulbs. The lights have "front mounted" cooling fans and were purchased from Amazon. If wondering, I use the same motorcycle H4 LED bulb in my snowmobile and it works great as well.

Note: Do shop around ( /, etc) for best selling price.

Hope this helps others...

See attachment for visual.

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During today's test drive (after installing DIY Street legal lighting kit), I noticed its upgraded LED head lights would flicker. I suspect the factory headlights are 12 Volt "AC" power instead of 12 Volt "DC" power. LEDs love DC power (aka: clean power) and get over stressed (and flicker) using 12V AC power. Over stressed is a bad thing for LEDs in the long run...

To convert the factory headlight switch (Part # 0409-186) to clean 12V "DC" power, I plan to remove its factory switch, probe its pins and determine which is its live input wire. I will then snip it and install/connect new 14 gauge wire to the 12V DC source - that I recently installed for all Street Legal lighting items. When I turn the Master Switch ON, all custom light switches are active. See dotted RED box within attachment.

More to come - as I make this lighting upgrade configuration better (for LED bulbs).

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Planned 12V wire change for LED headlight bulbs is now completed. For details see above post, its diagram attachment and its RED dotted line box area. All now works great (using "clean" 12V DC power off the battery). The main master switch works great as well. re: I turn the master switch off and all lighting and horn switches are OFF. We'll worth doing this DIY upgrade.

Yesterday, I installed "optional" LED Anti-flicker modules on each H4 LED bulb. This will create more cleaner 12V DC current flows (to each bulb). And they create less natural up/down "current flow" stresses to sensitive LED bulbs as well. For visual, see below pics.

Note: Do shop around because product pricing on and do dramatically very.

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