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For you guys that have switched from other utvs how does the xtz compare? Running in the dunes,down a fast wash, fire roads etc?
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this is my first utv but so far it loves sand and hardpack...gets a little wishy washy about 55-60 on gravel, havent figured that one out maybe? does love the pavement too, street legal here!
My Rhino had some of the best long travel I have ever tried so not a good comparison. I don't drive other peoples rides so i haven't driven that many Utv's aggressive like I have my Rhino and Cat. But i do have many hours in all different rides, driving and passenger.

I will tell you the difference I noticed. The cat seems like a short bus, not top heavy but you sit up higher so that took some getting used to. The suspension is really awesome especially for stock, The rear end i bottom hard often. Its tightened all the way down but It still slams on drop offs, bunny hops off stuff and in the whoops of course.

I drift corners allot more in the cat, you have the power to really steer with the rear end. If I am going into corners to hot, like in the wash, I can slide into the corner sideways and gas it out of the corner, more like a bike or quad.

I would say for stock suspension i give the cat a B+

I would give the stock Rhino suspension a B- at best
I would give the stock Rzr S suspension a B+ maybe A

The front works great, I just cant get the rear to match, i have had no tie rod problems or spindle problems. i have bombed this thing threw the Dunes, lots of good air time, it dunes really well, jumping into big dunes does really well the engine really helps, rides allot like a quad.

Its very nimble for a big UTV. its always on its toes it feels like.

I want to add the huge brakes saved my azz many times.
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Thanks Rick
sounds like new shocks or LT is going to be the ticket
Yep!! LT is needed

For the Dunes the shocks were great, But for the whoops you have to go Long travel. And there are a lot of whoops out there, i notice them now with stick suspension!

For woods or Trail riding upgraded shocks maybe adjustable would probably be fine.
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