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Hello everyone

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Very nice waiting for something like this.

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Hey there Chris, nice to see you!

For those of you who do not know, we met Chris this weekend, in his words he has a few "bolt-ons" on his machine. Very cool guy and was nice enough to tow me back to camp when I blew my belt, so thanks Chris, great to have you with us!
No problem, It was great meeting you Mike.It was a great weekend.

DP how did the trip go? Did you meet alot of prowler guys and tell them about this cool site??

Hey desert cat, I found out about this site out there.I did not see you there though.


sorry its taking me so long to get back. about the flatbed issue. You can not interchange them, my boss said because they are to different frame style. I still cannot find the thread that it was on.

welcome to the site Chris.
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