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Hello, From Nevada

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My husband and I live in Spring Creek, Nevada. We own a 2008 650 prowler We have almost 2000 miles on our unit. we bought it July 2008. we attend the UTV ralley down in Moab an will be going again in 2009.

Happy Trails
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hello welcome to the site we are glad to have you here.
Hey there Terry, great to have you with us. I was unable to make the Rally last year but am hoping that I can make the 2009 one. We will keep a lookout for the dates and be sure to inform everyone. Dates should be posted in the next few days if I remember correctly.
Welcome to the site Terry! I will be at Moab in 09 if I can. I hear it is a blast!!
Moab Rally

The Moab Rally is absolutely superb! The rides are totally awesome, the organizers put on a top-shelf event, and you can learn a ton about how to do new things with your machine. The only bad thing is that after we rode in Moab last year, I find myself looking for more rock! Would really be great to see more Prowlers this coming year; I think there were only about a dozen or so this year (mostly Rhinos and RZRs).

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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