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Hello from Wisconsin

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Hey everyone....from the southeast corner of Wisconsin. Have an 06 Prowler with around 4,200 miles on it. The only sand that I ride on is on the beach of Lake Superior. Mostly trail riding. Came to the site to see what kind of changes, mods, you guys have done to your Prowlers and also to see what, if anything, has failed. Sooooo hope this turns out to be a worth while site and look forward to talking with you! :cool:
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welcome to the site
Welcome to the site, I have a 06 prowler too.

Hey welcome to the Forum!! You have some miles on that Cat sounds like. So have you had any problems? What kind of wear and tear have you noticed? I am trying to get a better idea of reliability of the AC.
Hello foxfire, sounds like you have a nice cat.What is a home grown belt drive?

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