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Hello Group! Just got a 2011 700 HDX

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Hello all!

I'm new to the Arctic Cat Prowler scene. My wife and I recently bought a new 2011 700 HDX. The main reason we bought a side-by-side was so we could bring our son who's disabled along when we go off road with the family.

I was also considering other UTVs but my wife fell in love with the Prowler. We like it so far, but have a couple of issues that we're heading back to the dealer with on Tuesday. We'll see how things work out.

The dash mounted gear shift is really difficult to get out of park (especially for the girls) Honestly, I've got pretty strong hands and arms and it's a little tough for me at times. It shouldn't be that hard to shift. In addition, the park position indicator and the park light aren't functioning. Maybe the shifter just needs to be adjusted? We'll see...

The other issue is that it pulls hard to the left so you have to compensate with a quarter turn right to keep it going straight. Already checked the tire pressure. I hope they can get this stuff fixed without too much of a headache because the machine is really fun to drive!

See y'all!

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Welcome to the Forum, Congrats on Joining the PROWLER NATION! If your dealer is like mine im sure they will get it taken care of.
Welcome to the site. Hopefully your problems are a simple linkage adjustment and alignment correction. Enjoy your new machine.
Thanks for the welcome guys! I'm hoping simple adjustments will take care of the problems. I was itching to dig into it myself, but the machine is barely a week old, better let the dealer straighten it out.
Welcome to the family. Keep us posted on what the dealer comes up with

Welcome to the prowler nation. I'm sure its just some small adjustments that need to be made. Keep us posted.
Hello and welcome aboard.
Welcome to the site, it sounds like you may need a few adjustments, if your dealer is like mine they will tie care of it. Let us know what you find out
An update on my 2011 HDX issues.
I took the HDX out on some flat ground and realized that it wasn't pulling so much as the steering wheel was just way off when it was heading straight. I brought it back to the dealer for the issues I mentioned earlier, including the steering, as well as a recall issue with the decompression spring.

The dealer checked the front end and determined that the steering wheel was just installed incorrectly. So now the wheel is straight when it's supposed to be.

As far as the shifter. They said there wasn't any adjustment that they could do to make it easier to get out of park, but it does seem to be gettting a little better as it breaks in. IMHO the Polaris Ranger's shifter and E-brake seems more refined than the HDX shifter and parking gear. I wish they had left an E-brake on it. It's easy to load up on the parking gear even on a slight incline.

As far as the park position indicator goes, they had to order a new indicator light which won't be in for a week or so. The dealer gave me an updated owner's manual. I noticed that in the new manual they changed a couple of things related to shifting and starting procedure.

In the original manual that I received with the HDX it said that you should always start on level ground, in neutral. And the old manual said that you would see a "P" on the gear selector display when you were in park, plus, the park indicator light would illuminate. Neither of which works on mine right now.

The new manual, tells you to always start on level ground (as if you can always do that) in Park, and not to speed up the engine above idle while in park. The new manual doesn't mention anything about a P on the gear indicator but only that the indicator light should be on when in park. Seems like they are having some issues with this set-up.

I'll keep y'all posted with any updates, and let you know if they get the parking issue straightened out.
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Glad to hear easy fix my steering wheel does the same thing suppose to fix when the cab comes in.
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