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Hope to learn a bunch about the Prowler XT650H1

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I would like to take a minute and say hello to all the members, and to also say thank's for the pic's and info you all have posted. This site is awesome.
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Welcome to the site

Thanks!!! and welcome to the site!!! Now you can show off your ride to if you want.
I'm thinking about buying a new 09 XT650 H1 Prowler and I have some questions about this model. It is my understanding that the 650 H1 is not EFI, is that right? and if so, has ArticCat made improvements with the fuel/ air mixing of the 09 carburetion. My main concern is cold or hot starting at higher altitudes. The bulk of the time I will be runing the machine between 400 -500 feet above seal level and night time conditions in cool air and heavy forestation.
My 06 650 is great. I am sure each year they make some changes. A fuel injected unit would problem be a good choice though, but I would not turn my head on a good carbed unit.

Thanks for the input about your 06 650. I guess my assumptions are correct then, the 09 XT650 H1 is carburated? Besides the K&N air filter on your 650 is your power plant pretty much stock? or do you have a big bore kit/ clutch job or after market CDI box that removes the rev limiter? What kind of speed do you have? thanks for any data you would care to share with me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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