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I could really use some help with this 2011 prowler

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Hey I am new here, I have a 2011 arctic cat prowler hdx 700. I've owned it for about a year and have had nothing but issues. I recently pulled it in garage after it sat outside sense late fall as it stopped running again. I found fuel pump was shot replaced it with a new aftermarket one I found on ebay. Still wouldn't run that's when it got parked out back. Finally figured out coil was bad replaced coil and spark plug boot along with the plug. Well now it hardly starts runs very rough and stalls if u let it idle won't even idle for a second. Reset tps position to center mark on dash. I'm getting spark but it's mostly orange looks a little weak from my experience with all the cars and trucks I've worked on. Cleaned fuel injector found intake boot has a very small tear in it have one on order. Main fuse ended up melting in the fuse box was able to remove old fuse and replace. New battery also. Did a compression test got 110 psi with throttle open only about 85 psi with no throttle and holds the pressure. Starts off of ether but have to really play with throttle for it to start on its own. Smokes a lot of white from exhaust probably from sitting outside for so long. Oil looks milky could've been from sitting not sure when last oil change was done haven't had much use sense, I've owned it sense its always broken. Will do it once I get it running planning on using Rotella t6 oil if that's ok. Do u think valves need adjusting? Buddy recommended that but it ran before. Also have new air filter on order along with that intake boot.
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I forgot to mention that it backfires quite a bit when it is running.
Oil might be a little milky can't really tell its a tan color
Could it be a timing problem? If so any easy way to check that?
I know very little about physical engines and how to troubleshoot them. If running out of ideas, you might want to call a few local small engine repair shops. Some of them are really good and do not charge very much. Might be worth a few phone calls....
The cam chain is bad and it should have alot more compression than what you have.I have a 700HDX to it's been nothing but problems with it.same year as your good luck you are going to need it!!
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