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Inner cabin (floor level) cooling fan?

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I got a 2019 Prowler Pro XT with a soft cab, full windshield and its inner cabin (especially the passenger seat area) is always too hot. Way too much heat for my liking. So far, I installed under rear box heat shield, self sticking heat foam sheets on both front and rear firewalls. Today, I spray foamed the seat belt gap areas - to stop heat rising up from its holes. Still, way too much heat for my liking...

After some google searches, I found that some folks have also installed a 12V 4" bilge air fan. This seems to help them. I was thinking of removing the floor level / center area Engine Oil Filter Canister replacement "access panel" and install a small 12V electric RAD fan (over its opening). Simple 7" slim fan to suck air off the cabin floor and push onto the front of the engine. This would help cool the inner cabin and also help keep its engine temps cooler as well. I would mount/secure the 7" RAD fan using 4 x corner screws and only need to remove it each spring - to replace its oil filter canister. Or, I might mount using 2 x hinges and simple screw lock downs. Yes. Separate 12V toggle switch to turn off during the winter months - when its inner cab natural heat is good.

Anyone try this DIY upgrade on their Prowler Pro?

For visual of 7" RAD @ max 325 CFM fan (from Amazon), see below pic.

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The more Google searches I do (and find many other UTV threads), the more I like the idea of installing a 7" floor level RAD fan - to suck the hot floor area heat away and to push the hot air out the rear cabin service access hole. This moving air will also cool down the engine's front area as well. Using their improvement ideas, I just ordered above rad fan. Hopefully, I will receive this 7" square frame fan this Tuesday and have it installed by this coming Thursday/Friday. If it works as planned, I will install a nice 12V off/on LED rocker switch on the dash panel area soon afterwards. Hopefully, this factory improvement idea works as planned....

To my surprise, I received previously ordered 7" square mount fan yesterday afternoon. With parts in hand, I created the rough opening and secured (glued and screwed) its outer edges - to make better mounting surface.

Today's progress:

Factory access hole / removable panel:

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Rough "round" opening:

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Fan's "rough / dry" fit (with no inner cab cover):

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Next steps:

- Buy / create inner side protective cover. I'm thinking rabbit cage galvanized wire mesh. We'll see what local stores sell. Being under the middle seat, the inside cover won't be seen. It's more of a safety cover need.

- Install 12V / 14 gauge wiring with simple 5 Amp inline fuse. Will try "temp" off/on toggle switch for now. I will "wire in" a lighted LED rocker switch on its dash panel later. Thus, easily turn off / on when needed.

- Secure the fan's square assembly using simple 4 x screws and flat washers. Something simple - so it can be easily removed every spring (to replace its inner hole Engine oil filter).

Note: This is a 12V 4.5A (estimated max 325 CFM) push or pull 7" Radiator fan - installed in a pull position. Hoping this mid size 350 CFM RAD fan is perfect CFM size (for my climate's region) and 380 dB sound level.

More future updates to share - if you are thinking of doing the same / similar DIY upgrade on your Prowler.
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Fan with inside cabin protective screen. If wondering, its galvanized this wire mesh that's often used for rabbit cages. The 12V wiring will be foil taped down - after final infield testing. I'm now doing its "temp wiring" phase.

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This afternoon I installed a "temp switch" and silver foil taped its under seat 12V wiring. In the garage this extra 7" fan works great. For a little RAD fan it sure does move lots of air. On the road / on the trails testing is planned for tonight or tomorrow night. For finished pics of this phase, see below pics.

Note: If this rear cabin "on the floor" fan works as planned (in reality), I will re-route its temp wiring to an "on dash" rocker switch. And I might use the side 12V push button switch for a 3" in-line bilge air fan - to vent its CVT system. CVT systems do NOT like high heat temps either.... Only time will tell...

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Last night's "around the village streets" test was great with its temp wiring / temp switch. Nice cool temps around the inner cab feet area. I'm sure the front of its engine was much cooler temps as well. Under seat 7" fan can be heard but it wasn't too loud.

With above in mind, I pre-wired its permanent wiring method this morning. re: I pulled a new 12V - 12 gauge wire (blue color) from its inner cab dash panel area, into its front RAD compartment area, down / under its under belly (after removing its right side underbelly panel) and to its right rear battery area. This 12 gauge wire was nicely installed in auto plastic loom and secured via pull ties. Just need to receive the rocker switch and change its temp wiring to this new permanent wiring. More to come - as I slowly receive needed rocker switch parts.

Wiring Diagram (using LED lighted switches).

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This morning I received needed Blue LED Rocker switch (from Amazon). Installed and updated the wiring diagram (to show RED light master switch and BLUE light cooling fan switch) as well. re: RED master is used to turn ALL electrical items on/off. Blue LED fan is to turn only its aux (under center seat) fan off or on. The blue switch will only supply 12V current if the RED switch is set to ON.

Finally, this aux 7" cooling fan (to cool inner cabin feet area and to cool its engine area) project is now 100% done.

Yes. This is a simple project and IMO, an extra 7" @ 325 CFM cooling fan should be minimum factory build. The Prowler Engine runs very hot during hot summer days. Too hot for my liking and needs more moving air around it.

Note: For winter time inner cab heating, I simply flip (reverse) its "+" and "-" wire connectors (located under the center seat). Luckily, I don't do very much cold winter time driving and will probably leave in its hot summer config all year long....

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After lots of midnight thinking, I just online ordered a 12V Fan Speed Controller device. Using its turn knob, I will be able to control the RPM of the 7" fan. re: Slow speed on low temp days and wide open speed on the very hot summer temp days. This 12V variable speed switch should arrive in my north region end of June. Hopefully, this is a good upgrade - instead of a simple off/on LED switch (re: 0 rpm to full speed rpm). Only time will tell....

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My wife took our 2019 Prowler Pro XT for a solo "around the village" ride and she visited me in the fields 2 different times. Just her and the newly installed 7" RAD fan - in its ON setting. She said the fan noise isn't very loud and its inner cab was cool temp each ride. Much cooler than without a 7" floor fan. She said to leave it without a variable speed RPM controller. So, its wiring will remain "as is" (as a simple on/off center dash Blue LED rocker switch). Like they say... Happy wife = happy life. Smiles. I'll mark this mod as 100% done as well....
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