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Hello Everyone, This is my first post so im going all out lol. I am selling a DEMO set of ITP 14" Beadlocks and 1.5" Spacers for an Arctic Cat Prowler. The rims originally fit on a Yamaha Rhino but with these spacers it changes the lug pattern to 4-115 to 4-110 so these rims will fit on the Arctic Cat Prowler. Special lugnuts come with this package but only the lugnuts to hold the spacer onto the hub. The lugnuts to hold the rim onto the spacer ARE NOT with this package. Your going to have to get those else where but that's not hard. With the spacer it'll stick the tires out a little to give a better stance and to make it handle a little better. In this package you get,

4- 14" ITP Beadlock Rim w/ Beadlock Rings
4- 1.5" Spacers to change the lug pattern
4- Center Caps for the ITP Rims
16- Lugnuts for the Spacers and Hubs

The rim is a 5-2 offset. These rims are extremely nice, and this price is GREAT!!!! If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

PRICE- $800.00 + Shipping.



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