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Kawasaki Teryx???

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What does everyone think? It got EFI and new colors in 09.

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how can you not like what Kawai is doing. that is a sick ride! Still under powered imho
I love it too I almost got one but AC came out with the 1000 Prowler so I ordered one of those can't wait to get it.
I am happy with my '08, bottom line is I could not be doing the motor mods I am doing with my '08 in an '09 due to fuel delivery at this point.

The Teryx is a great machine, I love it and really am not all that worried about the DFI.
Is there any Hp differences in the 08s and the 09s or is it about the same.
I imagine it would be right about the same. I do know that it gets off the line faster though.
we will have a fuel controller and CDI for the new ones as soon as we get all the computer BS figured out..........SOON
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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