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Guys I recently replaced my belt on my 2006 650 H1 Prowler. My service manual indicated there were two threaded holes in the secondary clutch to spread them apart for belt service. After checking over the clutch I don't see anything. May be I have a first gen clutch. Any way how do you release the tension on the secondary clultch so you can replace the drive belt?????

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I pulled the big nut off the center of both pulleys to clean and inspect them.

Then took the belt off and cleaned it out. Check the weights. I had a flat one and I've heard of others having flat weights also.

The 5th one has a flat spot
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I replaced all the weights also. Let me ask you this, how would you install a new belt if your old one broke while riding in the desert??

Hey desert cat I made some wood wedges out of 2x4's that i used to spread the secondary sheave apart.Its been awhile ago but what I did was cut them from zero
to about a inch and a half.And I think they were about three to three and a half inches long.You have to be able to pry them in to start them.Be sure you are using some soft wood like pine so you dont damage or scratch your sheave surface.As the sheaves come apart the belt will loosen to change it.You might have to roll the secondary clutch back and forth a little bit while prying the wood wedge in.I used the primary sheave to pry off of.Do you notice how high the belt is in the sheave on the secondary clutch?If so all you need to do is open the secondary clutch a little bit and it will come right off.Then with the wedge still in place install the new belt.Hold the new belt into the sheave with some pressure so that when you work the wedge out the belt will hold the sheave open and not bite on the wedge so you can remove it.And make sure you dont leave wood chips from wedge in the sheave.Hope that helps.

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There is only one hole that is threaded for the spreading.. Here is a pic..
The side cover bolts are the same thread pitch and work good for this..


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ouch, is that one of your old ones phat cat?

ouch, is that one of your old ones phat cat?

yup! ......
Cool I have you guys thinking. Phat cat using a screw is what I hoped to do but my secondary clutch sheave sheave face is different than yours and does not have the threaded hole to push them apart. Take a look at Arizona Prowlers above post, my clutch looks just like his. It apears that AC made changes to the clutch face in 07 to make the belt R&R much less painfull. I posted this question to see what the 06 guys with this style clutch our doing. Who has the tricks???

Desert cat you are right,The 06 did not have the threaded hole.Is it possible to drill and tap a hole like the 07 and later?

I am doing research as we speak. I am hoping to have a fix for this problem soon. I have tried to work with my local dealer and they don't have an answer yet, so I am working with a really good design and fabrication company to make this happen. Keep the input coming, the 06 guys need this.

does any one else have some ideas on how to install a new belt if you break it in the field????

I just had the shop replace mine, because it had started to slip a bit under some tough loads. When it was all done, the mechanic told me that if I ever wanted him to do that again, I could, well, you know.:eek:

I am wondering how you break the clutch nut in the field when it has been torqued to 250 ft-lb? I like the wedge idea!

Has anyone done one at home? I cant imagine doing one out on the trail. Probably be an all day job on the trail.
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I have done one at home. My belt broke a mile from my house, no big deal right. Even in my garage it was a pain in the butt. This is why I keep bring this topic up. Lets face it, some where, some how one of us will brake a belt in the field and god help you when you try to change it yourself. I don't think my 3 year and 10 month old will be much help. Guys we need to come up with a good safe fix for this. The dealers tell me they don't brake and bring it in for the recommended service you will be fine. Then I ask how would you change it, they reply I don't know!!!! My point exactly.

The wood wedge works and can be done on the trail.Honest

Do you have pictures

No photos but if you like i can show you.I dont have the ac engine so it would have to be on yours.

That sounds good, lets do that some time.

Elko we need to come up with a solution to this problem. Can on of the tech's at your dealer help us out??

Sandchris, would the wedges work if your belt was broken "GONE" and you had to install a new one in the field?

I know its a few bucks, but might make more sense to buy the newer style Driven Pulley..
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