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Looking to Buy

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This is a great site. I am looking to buy a prowler but I have not made up my mind. The prowler will be used for rec riding. I am looking at the 650 XT H1 or 700 XTX Hi EFI. What would be best.

Thank cjr
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You will be happy with either machine as I was. I owned a 650 and currently own a 700. My choice between the two would definitly be the 700. The difference between the two is: more power, easier starting in cold weather, tilt wheel, and the one I like the best, turf saver rear end, it really saves you from tearing up your yard .
Thanks fishnfool for the information.
I have a 2006 650 H1 XT and love it. The new 700 has some nice new options like CJR mentioned. They even made some changes to the new 650. Both are great machines. Take a look athe the 1000 to.

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