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Michigan riding

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I am from west central MN but just got back from a ride in Michigan U.P. We have a house up there for sledding and biking. Now 4 wheelin' It was a blast.:cool:


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Wow nice pictures, I have never rode in mud like that. looks like fun!

There is another rider on here looking for windshields like yours. Maybe you can post up on his thread and tell him where to get one?
Ahhh I miss the Midwest seeing pictures like those, very nice my friend!
where is your place in the u.p.? i am from L'Anse maybe we can get together and ride some time. we do alot of riding in the Huron Mt's.
Nice pics! Were you there for the atv ralley just across the border in Hurley WI on Memorial weekend?
MI riding

We have a place in White Pine. Boy I haven't been up there in almost 2 years wheelin'. Hopefully this fall!
boy your place must be the only thing left in White Pine, last time i was throught there it was pretty quite. i have a camp in Skanee about an hour NE of White Pine.
good spring riding around here ... now turning to deep dust on the heavy used roads/trails..time to go higher and less used trails , at least we have choices around here
Ya shes pretty quiet up there. Lots of sledding houses! Houses are cheap so people buy em just for sleddin. We got ours about 6 years ago and they keep droppin!
where is your place in the u.p.? i am from L'Anse maybe we can get together and ride some time. we do alot of riding in the Huron Mt's.
Hope you see this post.......I ride all over the UP about 6/7 times per year. Usually unload @ Big Eric's Bridge....was up for 5 days a year ago and put on 850 miles in the 5 days.....would love to get together some time.
Thank You, Nice pictures.
Very nice pics! I love the mud riding. Lots of fun.
ride the u.p.

Fire fox, next time you are in the area let me know. i have a camp less then 5 miles from Big Eric's bridge, i would love to get together and ride, i know alot of the local trails - off the bettin path.
I ride up in that area quite a bit my buddy bought a camp on the dead river basin we have been through the muligan swamp up to the AAA road, have you ever been to Island lake we heard the trail getting up to it is super rugged?
Never been to Island lake. closest to there i have been is Pinnical falls,once we get there everyone generaly heads to BIg Bay!!!!
Yup pinniacl falls is up by dodge city I think. We are talking about taking a overnight camping trip up to Island lake area this summer.
UP riding

Hello- I'm still new to this sight and still trying to figure it out. I'm new to the side by side but spent a lot of time on 4 wheelers. I am from Marquette so one of my favorite places to ride is in the Huron Mtn/triple A areas. My step son lives on co rd 510 so we often park at his house and ride to Big Bay for supper. Also the couple that my wife and I ride with have a camp off the Arvon Road so we ride in the Skanee area and have camped at Big Erics Bridge. My friend had back surgery in July and my wife just had her 4th back surgery in Oct. That was the reason we switched to side by sides. We also ride south of Gwinn and south of Ishpeming in the Oneal lake area. I took my Prowler (2008- 700 FI-new engine) for my first ride yesterday and the only complaint was that it was loud and hard to talk to my passenger. Is that a common complaint? We ride quite conservably. We like to enjoy the scenery and don't run wide open. We hauled our 4 wheelers to Calumet last fall and took the orv trail to Copper Harbor, spent the night and came back the next day. It took us about 5 hours to make the 50 mile trip but the trail was rough in some places. With 2 people with bad backs we had to take it easy. We did stop and eat on that trip so we did actually average more than 10 mph. If anyone has had issues with their Prowler that I should be aware of, let me know. Thanks Packrat
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Welcome to the site packrat I was riding my snowmobile in the huron mountains area just today the snow is still 4 ft deep, I also sold my 08 prowler today I am picking up my new one this week. I live in Harvey I can ride right from my door, but my buddy has a camp on the dead river basin.
Harvey area

My address is marquette but I actually live in Chocolay twp near Green Garden. I can't legally ride any where here unless I sneak down 545 and get into Skandia/West Branch twp. From there, I can get out to the world. I was told by the DNR that Chocolay Twp. Marquette Twp. and Marquette city are the worst places to try to ride. We rode from Calumet to Copper Harbor and got nothing but waves from everyone. Even on US 41 in Copper Harbor, the State Police waved to us. When talking with a deputy sherrif, he asked how the trails were and was told to enjoy ourselves and to have a good time. There are more and more off road riders everyday and they do put a lot of money into the economy. I think the Kewinaw is doing it right.
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