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My stock muffler is rattling apart. Does anyone have any ideas for a replacement. I see that Speed Werx makes a really cool kit which is backed by Arctic Cat. What is everyone else doing?

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I hear they are good but I have no experience I have a HMF on my 500.
Speedwerx seems to be pretty tight with Arctic Cat. I would check them out if I was in the market.
Thanks for the quick responses guys. I will let everyone know what i do.

Sorry I keep beating up this subject, but is any one running a speed wrex muffler/exhaust?

Come on guys and gals exhaust is important part to power to.

So I guess every one is running stock exhaust or does not know.

I'll join in i guess................i put my harley exhaust on (long chrome cylinder) it was still to damn loud, changed the center to a restricted type, this helped, i then welded the loop part of the exhaust from a rhino in and it helped, i then added dynamat to the underside of the center console for noise reduction this helped too.
I was wondering how does the dynamat work? Is it worth the hassel?

i have dynamat still in the box it came in...havent taken the time to install. from what i read from other forums it greatly helps with noise and heat should be installing it now instead of being on computer. as far as muffler i still run stock but if i put cdi box on i will go with speed werxs for both. they were great to work with when i purchased a clutch kit.
Im glad i put the dynamat on cause it did make a noticable difference, i just went down to the local stereo shop and they gave me a sheet.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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