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Most of their atv's are in Minnesota as you saw i am sure.I am guessing here but i would say 500.00-800.00.
I drove to Kentucky to get mine.Sold 1500.00 dollars worth of parts from the quad after i was done with it.Plus sold my stock cat motor for i think 800.00 dollars.So 2300.00 dollars selling parts.About 3500.00 for the quad and travel.Minus the 2300.00 is 1200.00.Maybe a little more for hardware but not much.
Don't forget the 650 rotax is a runner too.All that is needed to make a 800 is jugs and pistons.Jugs and pistons not hard to come either.I think the 650 makes 56 hp.
The auction ended yesterday! $3600 was a good deal for that thing. It would have been perfect. Do you know what the shipping perameters are if you win one of their auctions??

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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